Tanja Bell

My Story

Tanja Bell is an award-winning Mosaic Glass Artist from a semi-rural part of Melbourne, Australia.    After a life changing stroke in 1997 she took up drawing in 2001 and since 2004 she has been creating glass mosaic developing her own unique style using her gifts of observation, dreams and visions.  These days she uses an array of glass in her mosaics using self-taught techniques of application and colour enhancing.  The use of resin in now being incorporated in her mosaics as well.


“I remember as a child being fascinated by sea glass that I found on my beach walks.  Its clarity and 3D effect have always resonated with me.  The light giving properties, the glitter, beauty and elegance of glass gives me a sense peace and joy when constructing my art.  My art is also inspired by my Faith and I believe that building mosaic is my God given gift.  The mosaics speak of the heavens and the awe-inspiring beauty of our creation.”


Tanja Bell:


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