Leonie M. Meyer

My Story

As a self-described ‘Bird Nerd’ you can see where I focus much of my work, drawing Australian birds using the versatile medium of coloured pencils.  These beautiful instruments lend themselves wonderfully to getting fine detail as well as large blocks of colour necessary for creating realistic renditions of birds.


For a long number of years, I have been concentrating my efforts in highlighting what coloured pencils are capable of, showing that they are no longer the realm of a children’s scribbles.  The richness of colours that can be blended and layered to create wonderfully realistic effects.




I gain my inspiration from the everyday interactions with birds; ‘stalking’ is the best way to describe how I approach some species, knowing where they live and repeatedly going back to get more reference images necessary to create the artworks I enjoy so much.  It is also finding that moment where nothing else invades you mind except the next line you draw on a piece of paper.


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