Ildiko Csilla Kormanyos

My Story

I was born in Hungary and I have lived in Australia for ten years now. Arriving to a strange country and to a strange person it was hard and could have been dangerous, but I still undertook to set off and to explore. Far from my family and the feeling of security, I decided to begin a new life at the age of forty-six. 

What did that help me to survive the difficult situation? I am sure that was my creativity. 

I do not mean I started to do something new, but I continued to do what I always liked doing and threw myself wholeheartedly into it.

I started writing poems when I was ten. At the begining I wrote only for myself and I felt that if I described the deep emotions on paper, I was relieved. My thoughts have wandered everywhere, so my writings were related to different topics. I wrote tales, love poems, philosophical reflections, and others. 

Then in 2016, I started to write my very first novel. The book was published in 2018 in English and then in 2019 in Hungarian. 

I chose Callen Indigo as a pen name.

In the meantime, I did not forget my old writings and I edited and printed them in the form of photo books. I currently have 17 photo books with my writings, illustrated with my own photos and paintings. Some of these books are bilingual, I mean Hungarian and English. 

One of these photo books, the title is “Anton the Sculptor”, was exhibited at two exhibitions in connection with the event that in 2019 we remembered as Black Saturday in Victoria. 

As I said, I illustrated my books with my own photos and paintings. So, I like not only writing, but also taking photos and to paint as well. I took pictures mainly about nature and many of them in my garden.  

I painted a lot after I arrived in Australia and that, helped me to divert my attention from my problems. 

It is true that my partner also supported me, but without creativity that wouldn’t have been enough for me at that time. 

And that was a big surprise when one day I found a poster about an exhibition in Whittlesea. From 2011 I participated every year at the annual exhibition for local artists.

Then, at the “Mosaic of Life” exhibition in 2016 my painting “Matyo flowers surrounded by dreams” became one of the award-winning images. 

I have dreams about the future. One of them is to organize a solo exhibition or a shared one with other artists. There I could present my early paintings and the last ones too. 

Also, I would like to share my thoughts with the public. In my mother language and, in English too.

In addition, because I wrote some plays as well, that would be a sensational feeling to see performed them in a theater. As I did in my home country not too long ago. 

So, I have lots of dreams that I want to implement. I believe that, if we do not give up, we can achieve what we want. 


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