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The works of the Australian Artist FAYEZ ASSAF is an exploration to the expression and the impression behind the Spiritual objects that compose his Art subjects. He is using common shapes to describe the essential deep meaning and harmony he sees in nature and the spiritual traditions. The start come from his spiritual readings and contemplation. He begins drawing and colouring till the forms with the colours and background emerge to satisfy the impression about the idea in painting on canvas or shaping timber’ sculptures or combine timber with metals. 

From an early practice FAYEZ ASSAF trained himself to view objects in a different way as to serve the expression that reflect the meaning that a certain object can symbolise and make his work unique. The artist, who received his Art bachelor’s degree from “RMIT” Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, says he hopes his Art give people a feeling of optimism through his canvases or sculptures to give the right impression with a bright look, fresh colours and forms. 

 Fayez was born in Egypt, the style of life on his family’s banana farm where he been brought up has shaped his personality to respect people individuality, to love nature, animals. 

 He graduated from Cairo University as a Civil Engineering. He lived in Egypt’s Nile Delta working in a consultancy design bureau where during which he built interest about Art, Architecture, and history. 

 He immigrated to Melbourne Australia; he loved its nature, people, democracy, freedom, and equal opportunity. Fayez studied and graduated from Fine Art’ department at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology “RMIT.



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