Connie Pennisi

My Story

My name is Connie Pennisi and I am a visual artist trading as Connie Pennie Art. I have an aptitude for experimental projects with my vast experience that includes, traditional fine art, printmaking, eco dyeing, artists’ books and currently working on a project of creating playing cards for educational purposes and for fun.


I have been exploring with plants and the natural world in many different creative ways since childhood. This passion has been the genesis to a long continuing series in Herbology which has since evolved into symbolism and signs that are present in my work.  I often express my gratitude for the treasures that the natural world provides us through my art.

I intend to share my passion and encourage others in our community via fun art workshops, using traditional methods like printmaking and journal making with a twist of environmental awareness for example, using biodegradable and recycled materials where possible.



Connie Pennisi

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