Chris Moore

My Story

Chris is a semi-impressionist artist with his home studio in Whittlesea, Victoria.

Since moving to semi-rural Whittlesea  in 2017, Chris has been active in the local arts society,  Plenty Valley Arts, where he currently serves as a committee member.

To Chris, art is definitely not a passive past-time – it is not only relaxing, but highly engaging and challenging, an interpretive and satisfyingly creative activity. Above all, his art is from the heart and a highly subjective expression of the artist.  


Like many artists, Chris’ inspiration comes from life, being equally attracted to the formality of man-made structures, people going about their daily lives and to the less defined forms of nature. The wonderful colour, form and character of the natural environment, and the stunning variety of natural and cultured flora in all its forms are often the inspiration behind Chris’ work.

Chris enjoys the challenge and creativeness of oils and acrylics  and his work has received a number of awards at various art shows.

He takes great pleasure in presenting his works for the enjoyment of those who share the passion.


Chris Moore:

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