Alexandra Leti

My Story

Growing up in rural Victoria, I developed a love of art and nature. My art, influenced by the subtle hues and strong colours of the Australian landscape, capture visions of nature painted in both contemporary and abstract design. These powerful combinations I use in my design of paintings and interpretation of life. I am a self-taught visual artist, with a background in textile and design.


Undertaking many art courses, and opportunities to exhibit my art have expanded my style of painting. This has allowed me to experiment in a variety of techniques, broadening my portfolio of work that includes watercolours and acrylic on canvas. 

I am a passionate and driven person and surround myself with like-minded people. Since 2010 I have held small tutorial classes from my studio, and workshops when requested. I enjoy sharing my passion for art and believe that while teaching my students; I continue to learn.  


Alexandra Leti:

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